The Frog Class


This class is for those who are four years of age at enrollment, or those who are five and not yet ready for Kindergarten.  The student will be exposed to a variety of play-based educational projects, activities, and props.  The day will begin with a group circle to read a story, questions and songs related to the story along with the day’s weather, classroom job assignments, a Bible verse that coincides with the week’s theme, the Pledge of Allegiance and morning prayer.  Afterwards, the children will have a restroom break, morning snack, recess, a class activity, free-choice play, and small group time with their teacher.  Full-day students will eat lunch with their classmates, nap or rest, have an afternoon snack and free-choice play & recess.  Please see the family handbook for an in-depth look at enrichment and special activities.

 Developmental Goals:

  • Names letters and sounds they make
  • reads” familiar words [example: Oreos]
  • Sustains adult-like conversation
  • Uses intonation, expression and hand gestures during speech
  • Can name what a story was about and re-tell it
  • Follows a three step command
  • Infers word meanings
  • Answers complex questions
  • Knows fantasy from reality
  • Generates writing ideas, stories
  • Writes own name and copies small words
  • Counts, names, orders, and quantifies 0 – 20
  • Names all shapes and some 3-d shapes
  • Creates and extends complex patterns
  • Understands graphs, scores, and tallies
  • Knows which changes/actions are irreversible
  • Experiments with force, color, sound, and movement
  • Uses tools to solve own problems
  • Predicts outcomes, creates spontaneous exploration with others
  • Hops on 1 foot, throws overhand, kicks rolled ball, catches tossed ball
  • Cuts on curved line unassisted
  • Waits patiently to talk, have turn
  • Organizes play, invents script, and uses negotiation
  • Argues when wronged, debates why, stands up for self
  • Knows safe strangers, safe locations, phone number
  • Can zip and assist others with zipping
  • Names family traditions, knows countries have different wants, traditions
  • Knows left from right, uses simple map, describes home/school directions
  • Understand supply & demand, importance of working together
  • Problem solves own conflict
  • Makes choices with others in mind