The Monkey Class


This class is for those who are three years of age at enrollment.  The student will be exposed to a variety of play-based educational projects, activities, and props.  The day will begin with a group circle to read a story, questions and songs related to the story along with the day’s weather, classroom job assignments, a Bible verse that coincides with the week’s theme, the Pledge of Allegiance and morning prayer.  Afterwards, the children will have a restroom break, morning snack, recess, a class activity, free-choice play, and small group time with their teacher.  Full-day students will eat lunch with their classmates, nap or rest, have an afternoon snack and free-choice play & recess.  Please see the family handbook for an in-depth look at enrichment and special activities.

Developmental Goals:

  • Name like beginning sounds
  • Knows difference between words and pictures
  • Retains new information
  • Asks questions
  • Recognizes name in print
  • Answers simple story questions
  • “Writes” in linear fashion, attempts to write name
  • Takes pride in work
  • Initiates conversation
  • Follows oral command with some reminders
  • Counts 1 – 10, identifies 0 – 5
  • Sorts, names some shapes, names what’s missing
  • Knows basic needs, explores motion & forces
  • Knows harmful actions, follows safety rules
  • Offers ideas
  • Stand on tiptoes, stands on 1 foot for 1 second
  • Copies circles, makes cuts on paper with scissors
  • Makes eye contact & separates from adult
  • Claps for peers, names emotions
  • Puts on own jacket
  • Takes turn, plays with more than one peer
  • Accepts adult assistance
  • Uses manners and respects others’ property